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Visa & Residence titles

Freitag, 20.03.2020

This information is only relevant for NON-EU/EEA nationals, working/researching/studying at the University of Graz.

As all offices and authorities are closed for the public, it is currently not possible to personally apply for or collect residence titles.

Extension of residence titles

Please contact us if your residence title expires soon and you did not apply yet. You can only extend your residence title by post or e-mail ( abteilung3(at)stmk.gv.at ) at the moment. It will be necessary to hand in the documentation in person, once the authorities are open to the public again. Please note that you do not automatically receive a confirmation of application but we recommend asking for one. The confirmation states that you legally stay in Austria.

When you have submitted your documents prior to the COVID-19 situation and cannot collect your residence title because all offices are closed, please contact us as well.

Visa & initial applicants
In case you want to apply for a residence title for the first time and/or currently hold a valid visa that is about to expire, please contact us.

Spread the word
Please also tell your colleagues who do not see this to contact us in case their visa or residence title expires soon. We would like to get an overview of how many people are affected at Uni Graz to find a solution together with the authorities in charge.

Other questions?
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other question or uncertainty related to this topic.

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