Admission Process

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Timely Planning Necessary

Please submit your application as early as possible. Third country citizens should initiate the first steps at least six months before their planned start at the University of Graz. The application process for international students can take up to 12 weeks. However, the application process is not the end of the story! You cannot apply for a residence permit until you’re admitted to university. Furthermore, submitting an incomplete application can also prolong the process. Please take this into consideration when filing an application.

Moreover, there is a short registration period for courses. This is particularly important for courses with continuous assessment, as only a restricted number of students can sign up. Several courses with continuous assessment are offered once a year (e.g. only winter term), depending on the degree programme. Consequently, filing an incomplete or late application may extend the duration of your studies, as you cannot register for courses in time.

What is the "general university entrance qualification?

According to the Austrian University Act of 2002, this document - amongst others - is required to enroll for a regular degree programme at a university. The following documents are accepted:

  • Austrian school leaving examination or equivalent
  • University Entrance Qualification Exam (Studienberechtigungsprüfung)
  • Proof of completed degree (at least three years of study at an officially recognized post-secondary educational institution)
  • Proof of completed course (at least three years, university-level course)

For doctoral programmes, a master’s or diploma degree is required as general university entrance qualification.

Concerning the equivalence of foreign certificates/diplomas, the final decision is taken by the rectorate. The documents will be reviewed once the complete application for international students has arrived at the Academic Affairs office. If foreign diplomas/certificates do not comply with these specifications, supplementary examinations can be imposed. Once the supplementary examinations are passed, an admission to a regular degree programme is possible.


Registration for Doctoral Schools

Some doctoral programmes are offered within a doctoral school. If you would like to enroll for a PhD offered within a doctoral school, you have to be admitted to the doctoral school before you can enroll for the actual degree programme. Please find further information in the info box. You can also contact the DocService for further assistance.

Application for Enrollment

In order to apply as international student at the University in Graz, you have to fill out the application for enrollment. Further information can be found on the Academic Affairs’ website for international students:

Please attach your original documents to the application form. Legalized copies will not be accepted. You can hand in your application personally or send it by post. Sorry, it is not possible to apply online or via e-mail.

Attention! Please consider to enter a mailing address, which is valid for a longer period of time. Your original documents will be sent back to the address indicated on the application form!

Legalization of Documents

Please take into account that your original documents may have to be legalized before sending in the application. You can find information about legalization here:

Translation of Documents

If your original documents were not issued in German or English, a translation into German or English is required. Further information can be found on this website:

Application Deadlines

The latest application deadlines for international students can be found on the website below.

Please consider that the application process can take up to 12 weeks.

Qualification Statement (Special University Entrance Qualification)

In addition to the general university entrance qualification, third country citizens have to attach a qualification statement. It has to be issued for the proposed academic year by an officially accredited university of the same country that issued the general university entrance qualification. It has to prove that you fulfill the subject-specific entrance qualifications of the degree programme. If the degree programme you intend to study at the University of Graz does not exist in the country that issued your general university entrance qualification, choose the most similar one. Please find further information and a template here:

Language of Instruction

International students need sufficient German language skills (at least level C1 according to CEFR) in order to be admitted to a regular degree programme at the University of Graz. Unfortunately it is not possible to enroll as regular programme student without proficiency in German.

Language certificates may not be older than two years by the time applying. These four German language certificates will be accepted:

Students can also obtain the above-mentioned certificates in Austria.

University Preparation Programme (Vorstudienlehrgang)

Alternatively, international students who cannot prove their proficiency in German can participate in the University Preparation Programme (Vorstudienlehrgang) until they reach level C1 (according to CEFR). In order to be able to enroll for this programme, international students need the letter of admission. Participants are then guaranteed a maximum of three semesters in the University Praparation Programme (Vorstudienlehrgang) to reach level C1.  If other supplementary examinations are necessary, the course may be prolonged to four semesters. A course fee of approx. 300 EUR per semester will be charged.

Please pay close attention to the registration deadlines for the University Preparation Programme! They differ from the application deadlines for international students of the University of Graz. If you don’t have an admission letter, you cannot register for the programme in time and thus not begin with your studies at the expected time.


Further Information

Doctoral Programmes in English

The following degree programmes are offered in English:

  • Doctoral Programme of Natural Science
  • Doctoral Programme of Philosophy with dissertation in English/American Studies
  • Doctoral Programme of Law (only when confirmed by the dean of studies)

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Admission Guide

Have a look at the admission guide for precise information concerning the application requirements for your home country.

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