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Taxes in Austria for international staff

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Sign up now for our moodle course about taxation in Austria for international researchers.

This year is quite special, which is also true for our annual workshop on taxes in Austria: usually, we personally meet for this event in spring with colleagues/researchers from TU Graz. As this has not been (and is still not) possible, we would nevertheless like to share the slides and the updated guide to FinanzOnline with you. When logging into moodle.uni-graz.at​  just search for "Austrian tax workshop for international researchers". Please contact us for the password.

This event should encourage international staff to file the employee tax assessment on their own. Note though that the material is for the tax year 2019. If you started to work ​in 2020, you can file your tax assessment for 2020 from February/March 2021 onwards.

We would also like to kindly ask you not to share these documents with external people or colleagues; please encourage them to sign up themselves if they are interested in the topic. This is important for us because we want to estimate how many people will participate in the event next year. Thank you very much!

Hopefully, we will see each other next year again in person for this workshop or one of our other events.



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