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Ending Your Studies


When you want to drop out of your degree programme, you can de-register from university at any time. There are two ways to de-register:

  • To receive a de-registration certificate, please personally de-register at the Academic Affairs
  • By not transferring the Student Union fee or tuition fees to the university’s bank account, you will automatically be de-registered after the grace period

If you decide to resume your studies in Graz after de-registration, you have to undergo the admission process for international students again.


Once you finished all required, restricted and elective courses determined in your curriculum, you can officially complete your studies. You have to hand in a protocol at the responsible institute or dean’s office. Please pay close attention to the version of your curriculum.

Depending on the degree programme, please have a look at the respective dean’s office website. The information is available in German only.

You will receive the official notice of graduation at the Academic Affairs office. Afterwards, you can register for the academic ceremony.

Further Studies

You can register for master's programmes once you have completed a bachelor's degree. When you obtained your bachelor's degree in Graz, you do not have to re-apply as international student for the master’s programme.

For consecutive master's programmes you do not have to adhere to the deadlines (general admission period or grace period) if you register for it right after finishing your bachelor's degree (e.g. BA Archeology - MA Archeology).

If you want to register for a degree in a non-consecutive field, you have to fill out the application for enrollment within the admission period or grace period (30th November or 30th April). The rectorate will decide whether your preliminary studies are suitable for the degree programme of your choice.

With a diploma degree you can register for a doctoral programme. If you need advice concerning your PhD endeavours, contact the DocService.

Please use the university’s study information portal to find out about offered degree programmes at the University of Graz.


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Office hours:
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